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     The idea for the name REAL ESTATE  AGENTS EDGE came from, oddly enough, a Harley-Davidson salesman named Mike.  I am an avid lover of motorcycles, and have been riding since I was 12.  I’ve owned or ridden just about every make of bike there is, but was never afraid until I got my last bike. It was bigger and heavier than anything I’d ever ridden before.  At first, I thought I’d just take it slow until I got used to it, but that soon changed.  The salesman had told me I should enroll in a rider’s course.  I laughed, and told him I’m an experienced rider.  He told me that was exactly why I should take it.  He said it was open to all riders, but specifically targeted experienced riders like myself (1st law of sales: Make your product specific to the customer's needs). Bravo on the sales job, but I wasn’t convinced until my office manger Gary (an avid "biker" himself) told me I should go.  “But I’ve been riding for over 30 years” I said.  “Well, maybe you’ve been riding wrong for over 30 years” he answered. 

     Long story short, I took the course and never looked back.  I was amazed at the simple techniques they used, and how much better and easier the bike was to handle.  Sure, I’d been riding for over 30 years, but now I was enjoying myself at a whole new level.  The name of the course was “RIDERS EDGE”

      When I started creating REAL ESTATE AGENTS EDGE,  I wanted it to be open to all agents, but I specifically wanted to target agents with some experience, and then help them make it to the next level.  This can be a difficult business, and I wanted to teach techniques that would give them an “Edge” over other experienced agents.  I needed a name for the course, but I had "writer's block" . So, I did what anyone else like me would do: I went for a ride to clear my head.  As I pulled out of the driveway with my body weight shifted to the left and pushing forward gently with my right hand on the handlebar grip, the name hit me like a ton of bricks.  Thank you Mike, for 2 great ideas.